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Do you need air freight?

Need fast delivery of your cargo? We offer different solutions to meet your demand. 
  • A global network for all types of consignments
  • Combined freight by air and sea
  • Short transit time
  • We will help you choose the service suitable for you
  • ColliCare India is an approved Neutral Air Partner

Premium – When it’s really urgent!

Transit time: 2-3 days​.
Airport-airport directly - the shortest and fastest route! Loading on the first possible departure to/from airports.

Economy – When low price is important!

Transit time; 4-6 days.
Consolidated shipments - pick-up the consignment where you want, combine loads with other goods and forward them with one of our regular weekly departures to and from the main airports.
The consignment is monitored by us to the arrival airport, or recipient’s door. Any deviations or delays are reported en route. Upon arrival airport the recipient is notified.

Through the GDA network we have access to 304 offices in capital cities and strategic areas distributed around the world.

Customs clearance; Consignments are cleared according to current regulations – here you will find more information about customs clearance.

You have complete control:
Bookings can be registered through EDI, email or telephone and you have complete control over consignments with our logistics system, eCare

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