Oil & gas, maritime industry, energy, fish & aquaculture are amongst the biggest industries in Norway, with specific demands to logistics suppliers and transport solutions. We have our own dedicated team specialised in global logistic services or these industries in addition to decom market, infrastructure market, defence market and other project driven markets, striving to offer the right solution adjusted accordingly to your business needs.  

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Specific success criteria, goals and sub-goals are to be defined for each individual project. Project management is our key success factor, initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing the project within the set time limit, at cost and according to your project requirements.

Our dedicated team offers:

  • deep understanding of project requirements and customer needs
  • unique expertise within freight forwarding, logistics and project management
  • tailormade project logistics solutions
  • focusing on your project targets
  • flexibility and hands-on capacity
  • walk the talk attitude
  • ability to deliver best in class project logistic services
  • extensive network of partners worldwide