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Air freight might be a solution to your shipping problem

Need to get your goods imported or exported; shipped to another country? Air freight might be a good solution, especially due to sea freight situation in Asia.

The sea freight situation in Asia with closed, or partly closed ports and lack of containers is predicted to last at least another year. This, in turn, could maintain or further inflate the already increased freight rates. Hence, given such circumstances, air freight could be your best alternate route.

Although during the Covid-19 situation, Air Freight industry suffered

  • closed borders, less traveling lead to less cargo space

  • flight routes being unpredictable, or no flights at all 

  • sky-high rates 

However, today's Air freight-situation is improving

  • increase in the number of flights 

  • Asian airlines foresee a continuous increase during autumn; September - November

    • though PVG-terminal is still closed,

    • and resumption of terminal activities are unknown,

    • and backlogs must be handled

  • more destinations are added to the airline schedules

  • increased cargo space and delivery options

The only possible factors of concern affecting the Air Freight industry at this time could be:

  • Unstable rates

  • and unfortunately, we can not rule out the potential risk of Covid-19 impact in winter again

We work hard to find the best routes, rates, and predictable delivery.

ColliCare Logistics is in different partnerships with global networking agencies, creating available cargo space and quick handling. Below are the networks we are associated with:

  • Neutral Air Partner
    global network of leading air cargo architects and aviation specialists

  • Millennium
    shipping network making your air freight fast, efficient and easy

  • Centennial
    shipping network making your air freight fast, efficient and easy

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