Headquartered in Norway, Europe, ColliCare Logistics provides profitable freight solution for your goods throughout Europe. Dealing with import, export, general cargo and bulk goods, special cargo, dangerous goods, and distribution. 

We have our own offices established in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, as well as a well-established agent network. With one team expanded across different countries within Europe, ColliCare is capable of handling queries relating to the following areas:

  • FCL / FTL and LCL / LTL

  • temporary storage of goods

  • repackaging of goods

  • pick-up/delivery on time

  • pick-up/delivery by crane truck

  • pick-up/delivery in the evening/night

  •  special goods

  • import and export solutions

  • weekly scheduled departures

  • customs-related documents

ColliCare India assists with all above mentioned services to/from Europe ensuring consistency in our solutions. Moreover, we provide consolidation service exclusively to some of our esteemed customers in Norway and Sweden.

If you have orders to the Nordics, get in touch with us and we'll together create a cost-effective solution tailored to meet your requirements.