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Abbrevation Full designation Description
ATA Actual Time of Arrival Actual time of arrival
ATA-Carnet An international customs and temporary export-import document ATA carnet simplifies the customs clearance and replaces all export, import and transit documents. Read more about ATA-carnet here
ATD Actual Time of Departure Actual time of departure
AWB Air WayBill Freight document for air
B-L Bill of Lading Freight document for shipping
B2B Business to Business Trade between companies
BAF Bunker Adjustement Factor Oil / Fuel Surcharge
Break-bulk Goods that must be loaded individually, and not in intermodal containers nor in bulk as with oil or grain Ships that carry this sort of cargo are called general cargo ships
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor Currency surcharge
Cbm Cubic meter A volume that is made by a cube that is 1 meter on each side
Certificate of Origin Certificate of Origin Certificate of Origin of the goods
CFR Cost and Freight Delivered when goods is loaded onto vessel, harbour for delivery should be named.
Chargeable weight Freight measurement Weight converted out of volume
Chassis Chassis/Semi hanger Trailer for transporting containers
CIF Cost, Insurance and Freight Delivered when goods is loaded onto vessel, harbour for delivery should be named. Consigner is responsible for insurance
COD Change of Destination Change of agreed delivery address
Consignee Consignee Receiver of the goods
Consignor Sender/shipper The sender/shipper of the goods is where the goods is sent/shipped from
DAP Delivered at Place Delivered when goods is ready to be unloaded by the buyer at a named destination. Consignee responsible for cost of importing the goods
DDP Delivered Duty Paid Delivered when goods is loaded onto vessel, harbour for delivery
Demurrage Demurrage Harbour rental fee in regards to containers
Detention Detention Container rental fee
DGR Dangerous Goods Regulations Dangerous goods regulations - rules for handling dangerous goods during transport
EAN European Article Numbering Gives the product an unique number readable by a scanner
EDI Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange between computer systems
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival Estimated time of arrival of goods and cargo
ETD Estimated Time of Departure Estimated time of departure of goods and cargo
EXW Ex Works An international trade term that describes the seller making a product available at a designated location, and the buyer covering the transport costs.
FCA Free Carrier Delivered when goods is loaded onto transport of the consignee
FCL Full Container Load Full container load
Feeder Feeder Feeders collect shipping containers from different ports and transport them to central container terminals where they are loaded to bigger vessels
FEU -/FFU Forty Equivalent Unit/ Forty Foot Unit Forty foot Equivalent Unit/ Container
FOB Free On Board Delivered when goods are loaded onto the vessel
FSC Fuel SurCharge Additional cost for transport according to cost of fuel in the period the goods are transported
FTL Full Truck Load Truck fully loaded with goods
GSP Certificate General System of Preference Certificate Preferential treatment is given in the form of reduced or zero rates of customs duties for access to the markets of the European Union. The GSP scheme is specifically designed to benefit certain developing countries and integrate them into the world economy
HAWB House Air Way Bill Freight document for air transport, issued by an air freight forwarder
HAZMAT Hazardous Material Goods that are of a concern that may include danger, flammable, corrosive, explosion hazard, etc.
HBL House Bill of Lading Freight document issued by a shipping forwarder to their customers
IATA International Air Transport Association International Air Transport Association
LCL Less than Container Load Less than container load. 1 TEU equals a 20 feet container
MAWB Master Air Way Bill Freight document for air transport issued by an airline carrier
MBL Master Bill of Lading Freight document for shipping, issued by the shipping line
Notify party Notify party Notify party regarding the arrival of goods
NVOCC Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier Do not own a vessel, but can issue B/L
PDA Scanner Handheld scanner for reading the barcode on the labels
POD (sea freight) Port Of Discharge Port where the goods are delivered
POL Port Of Loading Port where the goods are loaded
Project Cargo Project Cargo A term used to broadly describe the national or international transportation of large, heavy, high value or a critical (to the project they are intended for) pieces of equipment. Also commonly referred to as Heavy lift
Reefer A refrigerated container A temperature regulated container
Shipper Shipper of cargo Sender of the goods
SLA Service Level Agreement Service Level Agreement regarding delivery times
SSC Security SurCharge Additional cost according to safety risks involved
Stripping Stripping of container Emptying a container
Stuffing Stuffing of container Loading a container
TEU Twenty foot Equivalent Unit Twenty foot Equivalent Unit/ Container
THC Terminal Handling Charge Terminal and handling costs
ULD Unit Load Device Container, specially adapted for aircraft and air freight
W-M Weight/Measurement Weight & Measurement of shipment