International Freight

Offering customised logistics solutions across the globe with expertise in sea freight, air freight and customs clearance. The main aim is to provide you with logistics solution best suited to solve your problem. 

We have our own offices established in Norway (Headquarter), Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, India and China; as well as a well-connected network of agents worldwide. 


Sea and Air Freight
We provide customised international logistics solutions for transport to and from all over the world. Own established offices in Europe (enhanced connectivity within Scandinavia) and Asia, and a well-connected network of agents worldwide.

Greener Freight and Express Shipments
We look for freight solutions that help you reduce your environmental footprint along with fastest shipment route and freight method to help you in optimising your supply chain management.

Customs Clearance
Our in-house team of experts is capable of assisting you with documentation processes, bearing in mind the rules and regulations of different countries involved, to ensure smooth clearance of your shipments irrespective of the mode of transport chosen.