– damages and missing goods

What to do if an incident occurs:

Please send us a request immediately by mail: [email protected]
The request must include following information:

  • shipment or package number

  • a description of the incident

  • gross weight of damaged/lost goods

  • photos of damaged goods

  • a commercial invoice stating the value of the goods



If you do not have all the documentation and information at hand, it can be added later. 

Who should make the claim?

The claim must be placed by the party that has the direct business relationship with ColliCare, in most cases this is not the recipient.
This means when there is a deviation, the recipient of the goods must contact their supplier. Their supplier will then contact ColliCare Logistics.

The claim has been sent to ColliCare - what happens now?
  • you receive confirmation that the claim has been received. Normal proceedings takes 14 days, but it can take both less and more time

  • we will inform you in writing should your claim be accepted. You may then invoice us to cover damages

  • we will inform you in writing should your claim be rejected.  You will always receive an explanation, and all documentation will be returned. Any dispute on our decision must be submitted in writing and justified

Which deadlines apply?

​All deadlines are set according to Norwegian Carriage of Goods by Road Act and NSAB.

  • visible damage: without undue delay. Any damage or missing goods shall be reported immediately

  • hidden damage: damages discovered after the packaging is removed: Within 7 working days. (Sundays and public holidays not included)

  • missing goods are regarded as lost after 60 days from the day the order was placed

  • missing goods from shipments with set delivery date are regarded as lost after 30 days

  • late notice: The burden of proof is reversed, and the customer must prove that the damage occurred during transport

Shortened insurance claims


All accepted compensations are set according to Norwegian Carriage of Goods by Road Act and NSAB. If you had your claim shortened, it could be due to:

  • SDR/limitations of weight. SDR is an international payment method which is an average of certain currencies. The Norwegian Carriage of Goods by Road Act state that damaged/lost goods can be rewarded up to 17 SDR (8,33 internationally) per kilo gross weight for the part that is lost

  • as it can be difficult to decide where and when the damage occurred, there is a set standard of 25%. This means that you receive a maximum of 25% of the value of the goods, if your claim is rewarded. It also means there are no automatic approval when it comes to hidden damages, and claims can still be reduced according to weight

  • delay: we follow a transport schedule for all our deliveries, but please note that this transport schedule is not a legally binding document. This means that if the goods arrive late according to the schedule, but within a reasonable time, the goods are not replaced. If the goods can be defined as delayed, any claim will be limited to the freight costs

  • it is the deterioration of the goods which is compensated in a claim. The reward can therefore be shortened according to the rest value of the goods. This rest value will of course be documented

What it the recipients responsibility? What it the recipients responsibility?
  • inspect the goods and ensure that the correct number of items are delivered before signing the receipt

  • any deviations in numbers or damages must be noted on the receipt, and include date and signature

  • if the damages are discovered after the packaging is removed, please immediately send us a written notice, preferably within 7 working days. (Sundays and public holidays not included)

Force majeure

For events defined as force majeure, i.e. extraordinary events beyond our control, ColliCare will not be liable. For example extreme weather conditions or natural disasters like floods. 

What is considered a hidden damage?

A damage not detected before unwrapped, is considered a hidden damage.
It is often difficult to pinpoint when and where during transport the damage actually happened. A standard of 25% acceptance rate is therefore set. It is important to note that this standard too has
exceptions. If the goods are inadequately packed, the recipient chooses not to be present during delivery or similar situations, the claim will be rejected in full. 


Damage or missing goods


Missing goods