International trade is demanding, especially with customs processes and excise regulations in different markets. We have extensive customs expertise, thru our daily work with customs documents and Indian customs’ processes in general, taking care of the whole customs process.

Custom clearance

Let us help you with your custom clearance

To ensure efficient customs clearance, we have cooperating staff at all major seaports and airports in India.

The most common customs procedure is called “ordinary import or export clearance“, and applies to purchase and sale of goods. Other types may for example be:

  • temporary import or export

    • goods imported of exported for temporary use – repair, processing, etc. and then return to origin country

  • re-importation or re-exportation

    • goods re-imported or re-exported after temporary importation or exportation.

We offer customs clearance handling:

  • quick and simple customs clearance

  • special customs regulation team

  • experienced customs clearance ground team 

  • eCare system with an overview of documentation which is useful for customs clearance

Do you have goods that require special customs handling? We help you with clearance of:

  • formal imports

  • special imports

  • simplification of temporary imports

  • coordinated reversal of customs clearance

  • export declarations


Jai Chand Prajapat

Jai Chand Prajapat

Air Freight Manager India