ColliCare India can help you with logistics to and from Norway. We offer freight transport solutions by sea and air between India and the rest of the world. 

Our focus is provision of complete solutions from manufacturer to the end-user. Our customers are importers, exporters and industry in need of logistics services, especially in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. We are headquartered in Norway with our own offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey, China and India.

Freight solutions to and from Norway

Norway is one of the three Scandinavian countries, situated in Northern Europe and shares its border with Sweden, Finland and Russia on the east.  The currency used in Norway is Norwegian krone. ColliCare offices and distribution centres in Norway are spread across Vestby, Skedsmokorset, Porsgrunn, Rudshøgda, Trondheim, Moss, Rolvsøy, Stavanger and Kristiansand. ColliCare Norway has its own customs office as well. 

Headquartered in Norway, we handle considerable business to and from Norway (also, other Scandinavian countries). Experienced employees in both the countries offer good freight solutions for general cargo and bulk good, FCL, LCL (less than container load) distribution solutions and multimodal transport.

Let us transport your goods from and to Norway.


We trasport goods like
  • groupage

  • part loads

  • full truck or container, FTL, FCL

  • less than truckloads, LTL, LCL

  • ADR, dangerous goods

  • special goods

  • bulk material

    • sand, gravel

    • soil, agricultural products

    • tiles, wood material

    • industrial waste/waste

Additional Service
  • labeling and packing

  • storage

  • customs clearance

  • logistics consultants for customers

Transit Time to and from Norway

Sea Freight
  • direct shipment: 25-28 days, depending upon the destination port

  • transhipment via Rotterdam/Antwerp: 35-36 days depending upon the destination port

Air Freight
  • direct flight: 1 day

  • connecting flight: 3-4 days

ColliCare Logistics offers:

  • daily freight transport between India and the rest of the world by air or by sea

  • efficient transit time from 20 to 40 days depending on the destination

  • own offices and distribution terminals located in Scandinavia (ColliCare HQ), Europe and Asia

  • online tracking of all shipments

  • booking via web, e-mail or simply by phone

  • professional customer service and quality reports

Customs in Norway

Comprehensive customs and tax regulations and time-consuming processes often make import and export demanding. We are specialised in customs management, with good customs procedures and help you with

  • general customs clearance

  • imported goods

  • exported goods

  • custom clearance documentation

Customer service

Opening hours 09:30 hrs.-18:00 hrs., dedicated employees supporting you by phone, mail, or chat.

Postal code overview for Norway

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Green freight

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Rates for transport from and to Norway

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