Trading internationally demands a close-knit relationship and control of suppliers, to achieve seamless production of products. Finding reputable suppliers, and following up on production can be challenging in itself; add to that, varied compliance requirements (different for every country) for social responsibility and ethical trading guidelines to be followed.

We can be you coworker in Asia

Get in contact with us and we will share our experience in Asia.

Situated in Delhi NCR (Gurugram), ColliCare India holds in-depth knowledge of the local market in India, and Asia in general. Our team members are dedicated and can be "your partners", taking full responsibility for quality control of production  for your company.

As your partner in Asia, we can

  • follow up with your suppliers and ensure they comply with your company standards and requirements

  • continuously monitor production to ensure delivery deadlines are met

  • delivered products are carefully quality checked following checklists prepared by your company

  • packing and packaging are quality assured before shipping

  • quality assurance by scanning for online traceability - each package is scanned

  • we provide you with detailed inspection reports and photographs 

  • full control over logistics from order placement until the delivery with eCare, an in-house simple web-based tool

  • ultimately, we ensure that the goods arrive at your warehouse or to your customer at the right time and with the right quality! 


Manish Karkun

Manish Karkun

Managing Director India